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Wendy’s Class/Program Offerings:

Yoga Yoga

CentreFit Pilates CentreFit Pilates

55+ Move Well 55+ Move Well Yoga Studio

What is Yoga?

Over the years Yoga has gained wide spread popularity. Yoga can offer many benefits but Yoga does carry some risks and it is wise for the consumer to be aware that training, experience and standards, vary greatly in Yoga Classes and Studios.

Wendy only teaches the postures that are proven to be safe and carry minimal risk. With Wendy’s background in Yoga, Fitness and Kinesiology you can be sure that you are receiving the safest Yoga class around!

Yoga Benefits: Learn how to practice the Yoga Poses for your body safely, improve your mobility/flexibility, cultivate mindfulness and learn to relax and destress in an open/inclusive friendly atmosphere.

Restore Yoga 

This Slow Flow Yoga practice includes Foundational and Restorative poses, breath-work and meditation. Restore Yoga may help to relieve the effects of negative stress and can be beneficial to those seeking a program to help restore their health and well-being. Intended for all levels and beginner friendly. Expect a slower pace class. Poses include: some standing, seated, kneeling, on back and belly.

Must be cleared for exercise and be functionally independent. Must have the ability to get up and down off the floor.

Bring your own mat – and whatever you need for this practice, bolster, pillow, waterbottle. Blocks and straps provided.

Next Full Session: Fall 2022

Wednesday Nights: 7:00 – 8:15 pm

Hazen Park Centre – 994 Onondaga St, Oromocto NB

55+ Chair Yoga

This Chair Yoga class is a Gentle Yoga program that incorporates a chair for added support and comfort. It is designed for the more mature participant. Expect to gain leg strength, improve your balance and flexibility all in a relaxing and positive atmosphere.

Must be cleared for exercise and functionally independent. 

Note: This class is not held entirely seated. There are NO Poses lying/seated or kneeling on the floor. Only seated on a chair and standing with chair support. Bring your own mat.

Next Full Session: Fall 2022

Monday Mornings: 10:30 – 11:20 am

Hazen Park Centre – 994 Onondaga St, Oromocto NB

Fredericton Classes: UNB – UREC – Thursday 12:10 – Vinyasa Yoga Drop in Style

Fredericton YMCA: Tuesday 10:30 am – Yoga Flow – Drop in Style

Pilates Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates, pronounced Pi-laa-teez, is an innovative system of mind-body exercise first developed by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967). Joseph Pilates developed a series of 34 core/total body exercises to do on the mat – his original work he described as “Contrology”.

Pilates Benefits: Develop a Strong and Stable Core/Back and Learn to Move Optimally.

CentreFit Pilates

Wendy’s CentreFit Program is a mat/floor inspired Pilates workout created and designed by Wendy. This program uses your own body as resistance to continually challenge and engage your core. Each class will help develop a strong and stable core while promoting flexibility, mobility and a touch of cardiovascular challenges. The exercises are always tailored to the clients’ need, body types, weaknesses and strengths.

Must have the ability to get up and down off the floor and be cleared for exercise. 

Bring your own mat.  Other Props/equipment provided for: bands, balls, rollers etc.

Next Full Session: Fall 2022

Monday Nights: 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Hazen Park Centre – 994 Onondaga St, Oromocto NB

55+ Move Well

A Pilates inspired movement class created and designed by Wendy to fit the needs of the more mature participant. This is a slower-paced/adapted class to improve mobility, balance and increase overall strength.

Must have the ability to get up and down off the floor and be cleared for exercise and functionally independent. Intended for all the aging clientele and beginner friendly – expect a slower pace class. Exercises include: standing/ seated/ kneeling/on back/belly.

Bring your own mat. 

Next Full Session: Fall 2022

Thursday Morning: 10:30 – 11:15 am

Hazen Park Centre – 994 Onondaga St, Oromocto NB

Yoga Warriors Program

Private Bookings Only

To alleviate symptoms of combat stress (COSR), post-traumatic stress (PTS) and increase the resilience of critical task performers working in high stress environments (soldiers, veterans, firefighters, police officers, correctional officers, paramedics) including affected caregivers and family members by providing evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices.

Please contact me to bring these classes to your location or to organize a location.

“LOVE our classes Wendy, 20 years of changing lives, what a gift!!!!”.
J. Mullin