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Join my Fit Camp Group Program for a Fitness Experience that varies and is held in a supportive, friendly environment.

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Fit Camp

Fit over 40 program: Do you know an absolute beginner that’s afraid to start any wellness program out there? Are they a little “older” and don’t feel any program is suitable to them. Then this is for them!!!
Think, Eat, and Move towards a Healthier Lifestyle.

Are you looking to get back into shape but afraid to try many programs out there? Do you feel like you’re a beginner and no programs are suitable for a beginner?

This 8 week ( 8 sessions – 75 min)  Comprehensive Wellness Program will focus on three key areas- How you Think, Eat and all about Movement. 

Session 1/2- Think- Psychology of Wellness- How to get motivated to change

Session 3/4-Eat- What should we eat? Debunking Diets and starting to make better food choices

Session 5-8-Move- Why be physical? How? Which exercise is right for me? how do I begin! Practical Sessions included! Prepare to sweat a bit

40+ Beginners only. Must be medically cleared to exercise. Theory and Practical Components.

Wednesdays from 5:30-6:45. Hazen Park Center- Oromocto

$160.87 + tax -Resident Rate Discount.(Lincoln/Waasis/Oromocto/Rusagonis)

(Non-Resident Rate-$175.65 + tax).

That’s only $20.11 + tax per session!!! ( compare to Personal Coaching at $50+)

Register through Recreation Oromocto: