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Fit Camp™ Fit Camp - Oromocto NB

Fit Camp™/Challenges

is my Trademark Group-Based Fitness & Wellness BootCamp Program Designed to Motivate you in a Unique way! 

Fit Camp 16 years+ running! (since 2005)

2022 Offerings:

Next In-Person Fit Camp™ –  Proposed: Fall 2022 – Oromocto: Contact me to reserve your spot! Thursday nights. Details to be confirmed.

1. Email me:

2. I’ll send you a PAR Q/waiver/policy form to sign and email back to me with more info on registration. Must be cleared for exercise. E-transfer only. Pre-registration in full is required.

Note: You must bring your own mat and water bottle.

My Fit Camp™ Program is for you if…? 

•You seek an exercise experience that is fun, inclusive and provides you with an opportunity to meet other like minded people in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

• You want Quality Programming so you will NOT get hurt! (I choose the safest and most effective exercises and I make sure you’re doing them right).

• You want an Accountable & Reliable Trainer – Not showing up is not one of my business  practices. I will be there!

• You want a nationally certified trainer who stays up on the most recent trends and research to ensure the best results and stays away from fads and gimmicks/dangerous exercises.

• You want to know that you are safe and above all doing the best exercises/workouts out there that will deliver results! (I have the Education & Top Certifications in my field to teach you how to understand your body better and how to best meet your individual needs so you won’t get hurt and you get results).

Frequently Asked Questions about Fit Camp

Fit Camp™

Why join?

  • Training by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader, Yoga and Pilates Teacher with 28+ years experience! Not someone trained in one weekend or at all.
  • Individual Critiquing on Exercise Form and Technique. You will not be left out. I ensure proper form.
  • Group Support /Rapport – With dedicated participants registered, you get to know people!
  • Variety!!  No Two Workouts exactly the same. I use different formats/themes to challenge you – no boredom – only results!
  • Meet new people! Who wants to work out alone!?
  • Results: Fat Loss, Increase your Strength, Have more Energy!

Do you have to be in really good shape before you join?

  • Fit Camp does recommend that you have been “active” over the last 2-3 months before partaking in this fitness camp. “Active” meaning you have been engaging in light exercise 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes. For example: walking or biking. You must also not be suffering from any impairments or disabilities that could limit you from doing Fit Camp. Due to the fact that you will be partaking in a variety of activities it is best that you have this exercise history under your belt. (Personal Fitness Coaching with Wendy may be more appropriate for some people just starting out) That being said – you do not have to be super fit to join! No one will be asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Fit Camp will leave you in better shape than when you joined! All fitness levels are welcome and accommodated for at Fit Camp! I choose only the safest exercises that can accommodate all levels. 

What does a typical session include?

  • Each session starts with a dynamic motivating warm up, followed by the main activity for that session (A Themed workout featuring Cardio, Strength, Core exercises – best for results!) followed by a cool down. Each session varies and you will be introduced to a number of different activities. You need to be open to trying anything!! Sessions are approx. 30 – 50 min long. More guidance/support is offered online.

I do not like to run. Does this program involve a lot of running?

  • No. Not at this time. Jogging/ Marching/ Power Walking on the Spot/in our own space will be offered.

What kind of activities will I be expected to do?

  • Variety is the key!! This program is diverse and I incorporate a variety of formats, themes and exercises to keep the session fresh, interesting and challenging!
  • Proper Core Training is integrated into each Fit Camp session! NO Sit ups or Crunches. Science shows this is hard on our spines and neck. Why do them – there are so many other options!

How many people are in each Fit Camp?

  • In-Person Fit Camp is purposely held in a smaller group/team atmosphere (8+ people approx.) That way you will get individual attention and coaching, along with group support and begin to build some rapport with other group members.

Are the classes always held indoors?

  • Yes – for now until further notice

This program sounds like something my mind & body really needs. What is the cost?

  • Fit Camp cannot run without a minimum of 8-10 dedicated people (in-person) ( not online Fit Camps) registered in full. This is a commitment to your fitness and health! Invest in your health and mental well-being! 
  • Full Registration fees are required up-front for Fit Camps – payable before first workout via e-transfer. (6 Days Prior)
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are no credits or extensions for ANY reason. Fit Camp fees cannot be transferred to another Fit Camp/person (for any reason- sick, injured, vacation, pregnancy, family issues etc.) Waivers/ Policy forms etc. are signed before the first night/workout.
  • Can’t commit to the whole program? Drop in’s ($18) are welcome as long as space is available and minimum numbers are met. 

Do I need to bring anything with me to Fit Camp?

  • Yes. You will need a water bottle, always dress in exercise clothing and comfortable shoes. Bring your own mat. Towel.
  • Please leave all jewelry and other valuables at home.

STOP MAKING EXCUSES!! What are you waiting for? If not now -WHEN?

Best fitness teacher I have ever had! Excellent! Have gone/and am still going to her classes!